ArtedelContatto was born in 2010 from the meeting of scholars, artists and professionals in the artistic and cultural sector around the mission of spreading the culture of art languages ​​at local, regional and national level. Since its foundation, ArtedelContatto has undertaken a research path on innovative methodologies for teaching art focused on the attempt to incorporate and rework the main theories coming from the national and international context.
ArtedelContatto has conceived, designed and implemented, in collaboration with public and private partners, literacy activities for artistic languages, in particular pedagogy of cinema and audiovisual, aimed at schools, such as workshops participatory audiovisual creation, quality film reviews, seminars on audiovisual language and film history.

Our methodology is based on three fundamental assets: interdisciplinarity, engagement and collectiveness. The connection of knowledge makes each discipline a “living” material open to contamination; involvement and collegiality mean teaching based on the centrality of the student in the creative and learning processes. A methodology that aims to create a stimulating working environment, in which a boost to teamwork and the removal of social and cultural barriers is produced.

Among the partners of ArtedelContatto: MIUR, MIBACT, SIAE, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Save the Children Italia Onlus, ZaLab Cultural Association, Melting Pro, Ecomuseo Casilino “Ad duas lauros”, Cultural Association Mature Childhood, Municipality of Rome, numerous educational institutions including: “Teresa Gullace” High School, Rome; Scientific High School “Kepler”, Rome; Scientific High School “Peano”, Rome; Scientific High School “Morgagni”, Rome; Cavour High School, Rome; IIS “Magellano”, Rome; IPS “Toscanelli”, Rome; IC “Via dei Torriani”, Rome; “Paola Sarro” Middle School, Rome; Middle School “Anne Frank”, Rome; IIS “Ulderico Midossi”, Civita Castellana (VT); IC “Dante Alighieri”, Civita Castellana VT); IC “Simonetta Salacone”, Rome; IC Piersanti Mattarella, Rome; IC Da Vinci, Terni; Classical and Artistic High School Tacito, Terni; IC Via delle Alzavole, Rome; IC Emma Castelnuovo, Rome.

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