The overall aim of Mediascapes is to innovate teaching with the use of transmedia storytelling languages.
The choice of this methodology reflects the commitment of:

  • experimenting with new learner-centered pedagogy, supported by methodological research and workshops

  • fostering the development of digital literacy, creativity and metacognition through storytelling and the use of various forms of media language
  • facilitating the active participation of learners and partner organizations within a European exchange framework

  • contributing to the development of transmedia storytelling literature and methodology in the field of education and training

The project stems from the desire to promote audiovisual narratives as a creative and inclusive tool

The project involves two schools, I.C. Emma-Castelnuovo in Rome (Italy) and Escola Secundária de Viriato in Viseu (Portugal), facing social, cultural and economic challenges that limit the full development of both students and teachers. 
In this context, the narrative underlying the practice of Transmedia Storytelling responds to the need to create an inclusive school environment, with teaching methods capable of fostering motivation and creativity. Moreover, it proves to be a valuable learning tool that facilitates the sharing of stories and a sense of community among young people, breaking down cultural, social, and political barriers.

In addition to an initial phase of planning and preparation, Mediascapes includes the following activities:

  • methodological research on the topic of Transmedia Storytelling in the field of education in order to develop and innovate teaching and teacher evaluation methods
  • workshops based on the creative and participatory practice of Transmedia Storytelling
  • teacher training activities and the creation and dissemination of an open source digital teaching guide
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