Notes on Transmedia Storytelling: third meeting with our experts

If you have read our interview series, you already know that with the project “Mediascapes. Transmedia digital Storytelling for audiovisual and media literacy skills” we want to explore this form of communication and storytelling and effective teaching methodology through the conscious use of various media, analogue and digital. And precisely for this reason, we developed a methodological research in which the stories of teachers, experts and researchers on the subject are a key component!

OUR LAST INTERVIEW: Mr. Corrado Petrucco

Having reached the end of our interview journey, our last notes come from the discussion on Transmedia Storytelling we had with Mr. Corrado Petrucco, Associate Professor at the University of Padua. He brought out the importance of the creative process of storytelling production, which in his view should always be divided into two phases in order to be functional. To this end, he distinguishes a first phase in which the participants are trained in the correct use of the various tools and equipment for creating media content, since “it is necessary for them to learn, for example, how to shoot with a video camera, how to distinguish between the different shots, and not to be tied to shooting only with their smartphones”; the second phase, on the other hand, focuses on the work of self-discovery and self-discovery of one’s own ideas, in order to construct a narrative that is a perfect expression of the self. “There has to be a balance between the visual, spontaneous, media part and a metacognitive reflection on the content they are going to develop, which will be verbalized in text format. In this way you can develop dual skills: media and textual, verbal”.

From these considerations, coupled with the account of a storytelling experience in which there was the creation of a digital storytelling in video format and the transposition of the story into paper format (comic strip), we believe it is of fundamental importance to share with you a reflection on the importance and benefits of the induction of various media in the classroom for the creation of storytelling. Mr. Petrucco said that by letting students experiment in the creation of storytelling, both digital and transmedia, they can really understand that whatever media they choose to use will always be an effective support, capable of generating media, narrative and, above all, expressive skills, but also of learning.

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